Systems Thinking for Social Impact

1-Day workshop
Date: January 19, 2019; 09:00-18:00
Location: Vienna, Austria (exact location tba)
Language: English

In this hands-on training, you will learn about and apply several tried and tested tools of systems thinking to make a change in your own life, your team and your organization.

We face many complex challenges today: in our individual lives, in organizations and as society as a whole.

We need new tools to support us with complexity
– in every day decisions that are job, health or consumption related (e.g. buying cheap products or buying sustainable ones)
– decision making in teams (e.g. conflicting goals, working styles, mindsets)
– in local and global policy making (e.g. overcoming divides, trade offs between goals)
– in philanthropy, ethical investment and banking (e.g. having more impact, achieving higher ROI/SROI)

Why systems thinking?

Our world consists of many complex systems: may it be a natural ecosystem or something as seemingly simple as a flower, a production chain or the whole economy of a country; When our understanding of these systems increases, we become more conscious of the opportunities and leverage points to manage these systems better, and we better understand our own role and the impact that we can have.

The systems thinking methods that we will use in this workshop can help to analyze any kind of problem (e.g. climate change, health, social care, innovation, energy, human resource, monetary policy etc.). They have been applied with great success in small and large businesses and public policy for decades (e.g.  IBM, General Motors, Ashoka,  NASA, United Nations, World Health Organization).

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Have a look at this beautiful illustration of systems thinking:


This training is for YOU if you…

… want to make a positive impact in the world (whether as a private citizen, social change agent, government official, freelancer, philanthropist or manager of large corporation or small enterprise)
… are looking to turn around problematic issues in your organization or environment
… want to better understand and shape your own role in different systems

This workshop is not for you if you …
… like theoretical powerpoint-slide presentations
… think you already know it all and don’t need to learn anything new
… believe that you don’t need anyone else and can do it all by yourself

NOW is the right time to join this training if you…
… are ready and willing make a change in your life or organization
… believe it is high time for more effective solutions for climate change, unemployment or migration

If this is you, don’t wait and sign up now to create systemic change!
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Upon completing this training you …

…have a deeper UNDERSTANDING of systems.

  • are more aware of the many systems around you.
  • have more clarity of your own role and impact in various systems.

… are able to apply systems thinking SKILLS to your own problems.

  • know how to draw a systems map that helps you to make decisions.
  • be able to better interact with other people in systems that you are part of.

… take concrete ACTIONS to change (y)our world.

  • implement the sytems tools for yourself already DURING the workshop.
  • make the first step to actively move forward with your goals.

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Meet our Trainers

Lead-Trainer: Angelika Schanda, MSc., Certified Trainer and Event Designer
Co-Trainer: Hansi Herzog, B.A., Certified Trainer and Project Manager

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We are looking forward to working with you!

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