Success through Cooperation

You would like to tackle challenges that are bigger than you? And you would like to do it even more efficiently while working with others?

Cooperation, collaboration, co-creation, co-working, community building and furthermore open innovation, platforms as well as network-ecosystems: Behind all of these approaches there is always just one message:

Us humans are social beings and together we can achieve more than we would alone.

If you also think that working together with others isn’t just always a walk in the park, that our time gets more valuable with each day that passes, that it is important to focus on where you can evolve the most and that it is from a great significance to really change something in this world, then THIS workshop is the right one for YOU!

What you can achieve through this workshop:

Starting with the cooperation of your so called inner team over group processes till networking between organisations and the image of a global community – we will show you how to enfold the power of “Co-”:

  • Increase Efficiency: Learn how to save time and nerves through social processes and how to gain more impact because of it.
  • Suitcase of methods: A step by step programme where you can get insights on how to use different methods for various applications
  • Peer-mentoring: Already connect on site and take your learning experience with you into your daily routine.
  • Personality development: Learn how to be strong by yourself so you can be strong with others.
Our “Hands-on”- principle: Transform on site and already initiate change while being with us.

Lead-Trainer: Hansi Herzog: We are able to build a new community off-hand – we already have all the solutions. What we need: Is to co-rrelate our actions as a convertible society.

You are important to us, because together we can make a difference!
Now, it only needs your decision! Are you ready?